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  • FAQS

    • Is this a physical card?

      No, this is a digital card that works off your phone with pay wave. Apple Pay & Google Pay. A Physical Card no matter what they’re made of – whether that’s wood, metal, recycled or reclaimed plastics, or even biodegradable materials – break down into micro plastics, this in addition to the energy used in creating, manufacturing and distributing these cards takes a toll on the environment so we don't see any point in using a physical card.

    • CSENS Pay Visa card?

      CSENS is an impact first business on a mission to save our planet. Our visa debit card allows individuals to reward the planet and themselves as they spend. Track your impact on your Envirosocial page in the CSENS Pay app.

    • How does using a CSENS Pay Visa card help the planet?

      Every time you tap your CSENS Pay Visa card you automatically support a variety of qualified projects. See projects section in our website for more details.

    • How do I apply for a CSENS Pay Visa account?

      It’s easy! All you have to do is download the CSENS pay app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Create your CSENS Pay account and apply for your digital card.

    • Where can I view my CSENS Pay Visa card account?

      With our supporting CSENS Pay app, you can access: A CSENS Pay Visa transaction wallet, your kudos points, crypto rewards and Envirosocial status.

    • Is CSENS a bank?

      No. Leading payments company Novatti is our provisioning partner, they specialise in making payments fast, simple, and secure.

    • What type of purchases can I use a CSENS Pay Visa card for?

      CSENS Pay prepaid Visa card can be used for purchases in stores worldwide and online – wherever Visa is accepted. Additional charges currently apply to international purchases.

    • Why a pre-paid Visa debit card?

      There is less risk of overspending, they are easy to use and reload. You have total control of your funds, just top up your card when it suits you.

    • Who can open a CSENS Pay Visa account?

      You need to be an Australian citizen over the age of 18.

    • Do you check my credit history when I apply for a CSENS Pay Visa card?

      No, we don't check your credit history when you apply for a CSENS Pay Visa card. Applying for a CSENS account will not affect your credit score.

    • I have joined the waiting list. When will I get my card?

      A limited release of Australian Pioneer Status CSENS Pay Visa debit cards are being prepared for release in mid 2023. We have international plans to expand as soon as the Australian pioneer market has been established. Stay tuned and follow us on our Instagram account for the most up to date information!

    • CSENS Pay rewards?

      With Your CSENS Pay Visa card you will earn plenty of rewards and help save our planet. CSENS Element Reward Tokens are backed to local currency i.e 1 AUD Element = $1 Australian guaranteed value. Save your Element rewards until you choose to spend them, exchange them or just cash them out with your CSENS Pay Visa card. CSENS COMPOUND Reward Tokens Released as a reward for the environmental and social work done by choosing to transact with CSENS Pay. The Compound's release value compounds as more envirosocial work is done. Save them and their release value will increase over time.

    • How do I access the rewards I've accumulated using my CSENS Visa card?

      All your rewards can be viewed on the CSENS Pay app. Element Reward Tokens can be saved, spent on stores on app or cashed out with your CSENS Pay Visa card.

    • Are there any fees?

      Service fees are critical to support our community and the projects. As we grow, we will continue to build our service and help millions of people do their part to contribute to a future beyond net zero. Your CSENS Pay Visa card is also a crypto saver, you will increase your crypto value every time you make purchases with your card. You will earn plenty of rewards and help save the planet. Every transaction contributes to our planet by supporting a variety of qualified projects. Our monthly account fee is $9.95 with 30c per transaction. All fees are converted to crypto ensuring that you get ahead as you save more crypto every time you shop with your CSENS Pay Visa card.

    • Any more questions?

      Our team are always happy to answer any extra questions. Please feel free to email us - [email protected]

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