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The young people taking 32 countries to court in an ‘unprecedented’ climate case

Six young people from areas of Portugal ravaged by wildfires and heatwaves went head-to-head with 32 European governments on Wedne...

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UN states secure ‘historic’ legally-binding deal to protect high seas

UN member states finally agreed Saturday to a text on the first international treaty after years of negotiations to protect the hi...

3 min read

Deforestation Inc.: How ‘green’ firms prevent climate action

A new 9-month long cross-border investigation exposes the flaws of “green” forestry labels. Environmental auditors overlook ha...

6 min read

Dow said it was recycling our shoes. We found them at an Indonesian flea market

U.S. petrochemicals giant Dow Inc and the Singapore government said they were transforming old sneakers into playgrounds and runni...

14 min read

From Lab to Market: Bio-Based Products Are Gaining Momentum

Propelled by government investment and shareholder demand, manufacturers are pushing to get bio-based products into the marketplac...

8 min read

Shell directors personally sued over ‘flawed’ climate strategy

Claimants ClientEarth say the oil company’s plan puts the company at financial risk as the world transitions to clean energy...

4 min read

Why Not Cover Ugly Parking Lots With Solar Panels?

The French Senate has approved a bill requiring new and existing lots with more than 80 spaces to be at least half covered with ...

5 min read

Would you eat your coffee cup to help reduce plastic waste?

Edible takeaway cups and library-style mug-borrowing schemes are on the menu at a growing number of cafes as possible solutions to...

5 min read


Meet the Earth’s Lawyers

ClientEarth helps shape new laws and enforce old ones to protect the planet and its most vulnerable inhabitants....

7 min read

The Quest to Defuse Guyana’s Carbon Bomb

A former BP lawyer is going up against Exxon—and her own country—in a bid to stop offshore oil drilling before disaster strike...

23 min read

COP15: three visions for protecting nature on the table at the UN biodiversity conference

With the dust still settling on the UN climate change summit in Egypt, another round of international talks is beginning in Montre...

4 min read

‘Unacceptable climate change risks’: Court rules against Clive Palmer’s Galilee coal project in Queensland

The Land Court of Queensland found Clive Palmer's planned thermal coal mine project would unjustifiably limit the human rights of ...

3 min read

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