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‘Unacceptable climate change risks’: Court rules against Clive Palmer’s Galilee coal project in Queensland

The Land Court of Queensland found Clive Palmer's planned thermal coal mine project would unjustifiably limit the human rights of ...

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Humans v nature: our long and destructive journey to the age of extinction

The story of the damage done to the world’s biodiversity is a tale of decline spanning thousands of years. Can the world seize i...

13 min read

After Decades of Resistance, Rich Countries Offer Direct Climate Aid

Several European leaders at COP27 announced funds to help poor nations recover from loss and damage caused by climate change. The ...

7 min read

Forest regeneration that earned multimillion-dollar carbon credits resulted in fewer trees, analysis finds

Projects meant to regenerate Australia’s outback forests to store carbon dioxide have been awarded millions of carbon credits ...

6 min read

Lula’s victory in Brazil comes just in time to save the Amazon – can he do it?

Brazil’s presidential election result is crucial for the future of the world’s forests. On Sunday, former president and Worker...

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What if polluters footed the climate bill?

Should rich countries and fossil fuel companies pay for the climate losses and damages they have caused?...

12 min read

What are European countries doing to cut power consumption?

Governments across the continent have announced a range of measures to tackle any energy shortages this winter...

6 min read

As oceans rise, are some nations doomed to vanish?

If rising seas engulf the Maldives and Tuvalu, will those countries be wiped off the map? And what happens to their citizens? The ...

5 min read

Billionaire No More: Patagonia Founder Gives Away the Company

A half century after founding the outdoor apparel maker Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, the eccentric rock climber who became a relucta...

8 min read

Could the Drying Up of Europe’s Great Rivers Be the New Normal?

From the Danube to the Loire, Europe’s prime rivers — lifelines for the continent’s economy — are running low after a brut...

7 min read

‘The Biggest Thing to Happen in International Climate Diplomacy in Decades’

Nearly seven years ago, a single mischosen word nearly killed the Paris Agreement. With only hours left to go on the final day of ...

7 min read

Efforts to pass global ocean protection treaty fail

Talks to pass the UN High Seas Treaty had been ongoing for two weeks in New York, but governments could not agree on the terms. De...

4 min read

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