Wilderness Society

By every measure, the environment that sustains us in decline. At stake is our food and water. The air we breathe. A liveable climate. Human health and security. The future of our great cities. All the good stuff. It’s made environmentalists of us all. The Wilderness Society is building a movement to swap the destructive thinking of the past for the modern vision we need. One that’s better for all Australians – and for all life on Earth.

In the past few years alone, the Wilderness Society has led efforts to successfully protect the Great Australian Bight from risky oil drilling, Lake Malbena from inappropriate development and Wollemi National Park from coal exploration. They also led the campaign for Australia’s newest and largest national park, the Munga-Thirri / Simpson Desert. Using community based activism and national campaign strategies, the Wilderness Society uses every tool in their belt to give nature a voice at the negotiating table and support the life that supports us all.

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